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Case Studies

Case Study 1

CL, male aged 13 C was referred because of poor behaviour and attitude; his family was very worried about his fascination for illegal drugs and ‘street life’. He was idolising and following those with very poor behaviour. C has anger issues and is lacking positive male role models. His extended family, who he is not allowed to have contact with, are involved with drugs and criminal behaviour. C was matched with a young male mentor. The mentor took him to try a wide range of activities, including football, snooker, rock-climbing, dog walking, basketball, paint-balling and go-karting while challenging C’s glamorisation of drugs and streetlife. C got on particularly well with football which he...

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Case Study 2

AJ, male aged 11. AJ referred for mentoring because of low self-esteem and lacking confidence. Has witnessed domestic violence at home (perpetrator no longer living there); older brothers can be aggressive and bullying; close relationship with mum. A is overweight and so hates school sports and avoids them. His behaviour at school is disruptive and rude, particularly towards female teachers, and his behaviour appears to be attempts to get his peers’ attention. A was matched with a young male mentor who is fit and sporty. During the mentoring relationship they discussed A’s lack of confidence and also looked at healthy eating, taking him into shops to look at fat content and calories...

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Case Study 3

GW, male aged 11. G has autism and dyspraxia. When referred for mentoring, he did no activities independent of his family and was socially isolated. He needed support to use public transport and to begin accessing new activities without his family, who hope that finding new things to enjoy could be a first step towards socializing with peers. G was matched with a female mentor who took him out and introduced him to wall climbing, piano playing and singing, going to the park, and baking cakes – all of which he enjoyed and grew in confidence with, as activities were repeated. The mentor was also able to have discussions with G about...

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Case Study 4

Male, aged 14 14 year old Muslim boy who was being radicalised through his family circumstances and who would benefit from positive contact with our local, established, Muslim community We recruited an observant Muslim youth worker, who is an elder in his mosque, to work with the boy. His sister has been moved out of the home as she was at risk from older males who were visiting. The boy is still attending school and is still repeating radical speech about ‘infidels’ but our mentor has made contact and is slowly gaining the trust of the boy and his mother. This is necessarily a slow and gentle process but our mentor...

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