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Case Study 1

CL, male aged 13

C was referred because of poor behaviour and attitude; his family was very worried about his fascination for illegal drugs and ‘street life’. He was idolising and following those with very poor behaviour. C has anger issues and is lacking positive male role models. His extended family, who he is not allowed to have contact with, are involved with drugs and criminal behaviour.

C was matched with a young male mentor. The mentor took him to try a wide range of activities, including football, snooker, rock-climbing, dog walking, basketball, paint-balling and go-karting while challenging C’s glamorisation of drugs and streetlife. C got on particularly well with football which he had enjoyed when younger but had given up on. The mentor helped C organise a football match with peers.

By the end of the mentoring placement, C’s attitude at home and at school had improved; he has joined a football team which he still attends and his family now fear less for his future.