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Case Study 4

Male, aged 14

14 year old Muslim boy who was being radicalised through his family circumstances and who would benefit from positive contact with our local, established, Muslim community

We recruited an observant Muslim youth worker, who is an elder in his mosque, to work with the boy. His sister has been moved out of the home as she was at risk from older males who were visiting. The boy is still attending school and is still repeating radical speech about ‘infidels’ but our mentor has made contact and is slowly gaining the trust of the boy and his mother. This is necessarily a slow and gentle process but our mentor is confident he can make a difference in countering the radicalisation; he understands the cultural pressures and background and can gain access to the family in a way that others could not. Through this support the young male has become involved in a multi-cultural youth café, building links with other young Muslims and having the opportunity to take part in sports and activities at the café.   He is also developing a greater knowledge of his faith dispelling incorrect information that he has picked up through the internet and his family.