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Coronavirus Update

Updated 19th August 2020

It’s been a strange year so far with flooding, Brexit and COVID 19, where lots of organisations have been challenged in supporting children and families to cope with these unprecedented times.  I would like to take you on a journey of the high-quality support that Infobuzz has offered throughout the COVID epidemic to support, guide and empower families to cope with everyday challenges.

 Hidden Victims 

  • Staff have continued to be flexible and diverse in supporting our families through phone calls, where they have advised, reassured and supported parents throughout this challenging time. 
  • We have delivered food parcelled for those in need of support, responding to emergency situations.
  •  Staff have supported parents to find new and innovative ways of educating their children and young people, helping with emotional wellbeing through Creative Art and Craft packs, Poster Competition Child Safety Week Competitions and Recipes supporting families to build their resilience and family cohesion on a weekly basis, supporting 5-25 years.
  • We have sigh posted information to our families regarding emergency welfare funding, COVID-19 Children’s Fund, giving access to financial assistance for children, young people and their families up to the age of 18.
  • We have regularly posted information on our social media page to guide and support children and families through the COVID epidemic.


 Our Counselling projects 

  • Linked Up & Linked Up + have offered sessions on the phone or through online services. Some appointments have been offered face to face if required.

Children’s Art Psychotherapist

  • This year we have been lucky in recruiting an Art Psychotherapist who has worked with our Hidden Victims Children on a 1:1 basis, exploring emotions to help children in dealing with the aftermath of COVID impact.   


Schools delivery Year 6 Transition Project

  • Throughout the summer holidays, we have delivered a NEW project, where we have designed a program to meet the needs of Year 6 pupils transitioning from Primary to Secondary education. Our aim is to provide support for settling into the new setting, exploring feeling around COVID, new friendships, anxieties and generally understanding their feelings through a suite of materials.   


Detached Youth Work

  • The staff at Infobuzz have enjoyed supporting our sister company Young Gloucestershire in detached Youth Work project, where they have worked out in the community to support PCC in making sure that Young People followed the correct guidance around safety in the community during lock-down. 


Yes, we’ve had to make some changes to make this happen, we are proud to say that meeting challenges is one of our strengths.

We have created new and innovative ways of working through these challenging times.


Tel 01452 501008 or email admin@infobuzz.co.uk