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Families of Offenders

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Infobuzz work together with families as a whole to help them find ways to cope with change and to make plans for their future.

The families of offenders are often the hidden victims of crime. Having a family member serve time in prison can have a huge impact on the entire family, with children often suffering the most following the consequences of their family’s separation.   

Hidden Victims of Crime

The Hidden Victims of Crime project provides families with practical support to cope with the impact of a family member going to prison. Families are allocated a caseworker who will discuss with you, your needs and put together a plan of support.

The project can provide advice and guidance, mediation and advocacy for all family members. The support provided aims to help families:

  • Maintain relationships and make regular visits.

  • Cope with the change and impact on their lives.

  • Deal with the stigma of crime.

  • Understand the expectations of the criminal justice system.

  • Meet other families facing similar situations. 
  • Access additional mental health support including; Art Therapy for Children.

If you are a family or are working with a family currently involved in the court system or with a family member in prison contact Infobuzz to find out how we can be of support or fill out and return our referral form to gain access to the service.

Watch below a video produced by Children in Need who are one of the funders supporting the Hidden Victims project at Infobuzz.

Hidden Victims is Funded by:

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