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Reducing Offending

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As a parent, carer or responsible adult working with young people, it can be very difficult to support a young person to stay the right side of the law. 

Unfortunately, many young people can end up getting involved in crime or antisocial behaviour. The circumstances that cause young people to offend are often complex and there can be many contributing factors; from poor housing to behavioural problems, financial hardship or drug and alcohol issues. Understanding the reason for young people’s behaviour is key to offering the appropriate support.

Infobuzz knows there is no one simple solution suitable for all young people and therefore offer tailored support for both individuals and groups. If you are concerned about a young person you are working with, or your son/daughter is engaging in risky behaviour, please contact Infobuzz to discuss possible services which include;

  • One-to-one support in the form of mentoring or counselling. 

  • Group work sessions exploring topics such as; knife/gun crime, life in prison, the real consequences of crime.