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Serving Offenders

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Infobuzz believe in working with the entire family towards breaking the cycle of crime. That means we work with the family on the outside of prison, but we also work with serving offenders.

Infobuzz offers therapeutic and enrichment sessions for serving prisoners. The sessions are designed to offer personal development whilst providing the opportunity to deal with difficult emotions. At Infobuzz we pride ourselves on our ability to connect with offenders and provide innovative and engaging sessions that will enable them to reflect and plan for their future.

HMP Eastwood Park

Infobuzz currently run therapeutic art sessions on two wings in HMP Eastwood Park: for the 'Nexus' services (for personality disorders) and for women with complex needs. The sessions aim to:

  • Increase engagement from those with complex needs

  • Improve social skills.

  • Provide stress relief.

  • Raise self-esteem and confidence.

  • Provide a safe environment for self-expression.

  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness.

  • Improve social and communication skills.

If you work in the Criminal Justice System and would like to discuss how Infobuzz can design a complimentary service to support offenders’ rehabilitation, please get in touch.