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Therapeutic Services

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Experiencing mental health concerns is not unusual. At least 1 in 4 of the population and 1 in 10 children and young people will experience some kind of mental health issue. 

Although mental health issues are relatively common, it is often the case that children and young people don’t get the help they need as quickly as they should. As a result, mental health difficulties such as anxiety, low mood, depression, conduct disorders and eating disorders can stop some young people from achieving what they want in life.

Infobuzz offers a supportive and non-judgemental counselling service predominately for young people who are showing early signs of struggling with their mental health. Perhaps they are having difficulties at school, seem withdrawn or just not themselves. Our Counsellors work with young people who may be expressing their anxieties through self-harm or eating disorders and work with them to find more constructive coping mechanisms.

Infobuzz currently have funding to work with 16-25-year-olds. We are also able to be commissioned to extend the service to work with individuals and families who are able to fund the service from an alternative source. 

Infobuzz counselling offers a safe and confidential space for families and young people to understand their thoughts and feelings. Counselling aims to help individuals acquire the resilience and skills to deal with life’s challenges. Individuals are offered an initial set of six sessions delivered in our own counselling rooms. Some of these services can be offered for free and others will need to be commissioned and funded.

Services currently offered;

  • Linked Up +
  • Counselling
  • Children’s Art Psychotherapist
  • Me and My - six-week therapeutic programme using Art or Photography  


If you know a young person or family who you think would benefit from one of these services and would like to discuss the options which are right for you please contact or complete the referral form on the Contact Us page and send it to Infobuzz who will contact you to discuss your options.  Individuals and Young People can also self – refer by calling the office on 01452 501008 or dropping into the Link (33 Southgate Street, Gloucester) and completing a referral form with a Young Gloucestershire youth worker.


Children's Art Psychotherapy

Children's Art Psychotherapist   Here at Infobuzz, we have a fully qualified and experienced art psychotherapist specialising in children’s and young people’s mental health. Our art psychotherapist is able to work creatively with our Hidden Victims’ families and offer 1-1 sessions for up to six months to children in need of further emotional support. We aim to make sure the needs of each child are identified to help them on the right path and to help break the intergenerational cycle of crime.  Our therapeutic Hidden Victims caseworkers build relationships with families and identify the children and young people who would really benefit from this opportunity. Art Psychotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that...

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Me & My - Therapeutic Art & Photography

Me and My *Six week Therapeutic Art and Photography Programme* The ‘Me & My’ therapeutic programme will help the children and young people of hidden victims of crime to explore their identity and their emotions. This unique programme is for six weeks and will be led by our skilled therapeutic caseworker. We offer versions of this based on art or on photography depending on what the child/young person may feel more connected to use. The first few weeks will focus on their emotions and identity working in their booklet to help them think creatively about their world. They then think about producing a final piece that sums up their experience and will be...

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