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Family Mental Health Support

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It can be overwhelming to experience mental health difficulties. It can be just as awful to watch someone you love go through it and not know how to help.

Infobuzz are here to support the families of young people who are experiencing mental health difficulties.


A Mental Health Family Support Worker will help you to identify and understand your family's challenges and work with you to put in place practical support to help overcome them. We will;

  • Advocate on behalf of your family to ensure children and young people are accessing the appropriate support.

  • Provide coping mechanisms for the whole family to help address the challenges you are facing.

  • Help you to understand the wider impact on family life and help others understand the challenges you are facing as a family.


In addition, we will offer access to short training courses that will provide practical advice and coping strategies for the most common challenges faced by young people, including;

  • Mental health and substance misuse.

  • Mental health and self harm.

  • Mental health and risk taking behaviour.

  • Mental health and the online world.

  • Strategies to support young people with poor mental health.

  • Coping mechanisms for young people.

The support is available for families of 11-18 year olds with or without a diagnosed mental health condition.

For more information, please email us or download the referral form on the Contact Us page.