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Transgender Family Support - Arcus

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Transgender Family Support

The Arcus project is for parents and carers where a child within the family is transgender* or exploring their gender identity.

(*Transgender is an umbrella term we are using to include any child or young person exploring their gender, who identify as gender diverse, transgender or non binary.)

The project aims to support families by offering bespoke 1-2-1 therapeutic mentoring. This may include advocacy, wellbeing support, referrals into other relevant agencies and liaising between you. We will help to build your knowledge and confidence to be able to support your child.

All families will be assigned an Infobuzz worker who will help discuss your needs. Together you will plan a programme of support that will be bespoke to your family but may include sessions focusing on;

  • Social Transitions.
  • Medical & Legal Transitions. 
  • Barriers. 
  • Improving outcomes. 
  • Planning for the future and therapeutic support referrals.

 Parents or carers are able to access this support by completing our referral form. Or please contact us if you would like more information, 01452 501 008

Transgender Resources

Trans Link Glos - Gender Identity Explained Advice and information collated by young people in Gloucestershire who have first-hand experience of exploring their own gender identity. The aim of this booklet is to raise awareness of gender identity, provide definitions and explain terms and to give advice and guidance to young people, who may be questioning their own identity and gender. Information is power, the more you know the more empowered you feel and we hope that this booklet will benefit not only the person who identifies as another variant of gender but also the people who are supporting that person. On the rear two pages, you will find organisations that offer advice and guidance...

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