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Fundraising for Charities

Posted by Tracy Clark on 21 August 2017

Sharon Houlton, Project Worker for Infobuzz tells us how she has been inspired to raise money for charities and seen first hand how vital those funds are.

"I have worked for Infobuzz for a little over four and half years. I began my journey with them while I was undertaking my joint hons degree in community health and social care and integrated youth practice. I volunteered for them, then became a full time member of staff once I qualified with a 2:1 a year later. My full time role led me to predominantly work with and support people that were going through the criminal and youth justice system.

"I am very passionate both professionally and personally about supporting children and young people as they are our future generations. Working for a charity myself highlights the need to not only support the young people and adults within Infobuzz but other charities too. As my role is very demanding mentally I find solace in keeping myself fit and healthy and that way I can promote its benefits to the people I work alongside.  I do this by Kickboxing once a week but I also take part in various events.

"I have raised money for a number of charities this year; I chose ‘Doing It for Lottie’ a profoundly disabled young girl who was in need of specialist equipment to help her mother. We chose the Iron Run to do this; one of the toughest obstacle course race’s I have completed to date. It entails a 10 mile run and over 45+ obstacles, ranging from a lake swim (in April it was freezing), to cargo nets and wall climbs.

"I am currently raising awareness and money for another local charity who supports children who have a disability, and their families. I intend to complete the Tough Mudder South West in late August.

"The next event after that is for the British Heart Foundation where I will be running a 10k race. This cause is very close to my heart (excuse the pun) because my own son was diagnosed with a heart condition called Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT), at the age of 11 years old. SVT is when your heart beats too fast. At his worse, his heart beats 240 beats per minute and he had to have paddles or an injection for it to be put back into a normal rhythm. This was a very worrying time for us as a family. However he was operated on within a year of diagnosis and is now a very healthy 22 year old who has also been a keen rugby player.

"There are so many wonderful causes out there and I only wish I could raise money for all of them. My own charity, Infobuzz, do an incredible job in the various projects we deliver. We, as a charity organisation are always keen in seeking continued support through various funding streams and without them we would not be able to continue our valued work.  If you are looking for a charity to support then perhaps consider us. Get in touch and we can give you lots of help and advice about the best way to raise money. Get healthy and get giving – it really has been an uplifting and positive experience for me!"