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Infobuzz's Vision for the Future

Posted by Tracy Clark on 9 January 2017

Anne Young – Operations Manager for Infobuzz tells us a bit more about the charity’s new partnership with Young Gloucestershire and how the charity has defined it’s vision for the future:

“The challenging financial climate brought together CEO’s from the two local charities back in May 2016 to explore how they could work more closely together in a bid to strengthen the services they both offered.

“People may not realise that Infobuzz originally started life as a project within Young Gloucestershire. We were delivering drug education and advice to young people. Infobuzz established itself as an independent charity in 2005. Having delivered 10 years of excellent services across the county, massive changes to the landscape in the charity sector have led us to decide to realign ourselves with our former partner.

“What does that really mean for Infobuzz? We will remain legally as a separate charity but will benefit from the support of the management team at Young Gloucestershire. We will also start to share some of the overhead costs associated with running a charity that will make both services more cost effective.

“Change can be daunting but it is also exciting. Infobuzz staff have embraced the opportunity and are pleased that the charity will continue to provide a high standard of support, whilst being more efficient. For instance by working with Young Gloucestershire, together, we will be able to provide young people with a wraparound service. Infobuzz can undertake a more therapeutic approach to meeting the needs of young people and families, complementing the personal development opportunities available with YG.

“For me personally I have been on an incredible journey one where I feel I have at times, been on a steep learning curve. There have been many times when I have wondered what will come next, only find another exciting opportunity for the charity. I see each day as a new day and I am pleased that Infobuzz is thriving.

“We have been working hard as a team to reflect on the services we provide and to define our charity’s vision; for families and young people to have the strength to cope with life’s challenges and the ability to change their future.

“Our mission will be:

  • To support families and young people to address their mental and emotional needs through a range of specialist, counselling and therapeutic services.

  • To work with schools and community groups to provide young people with life skills to support a positive future.

  • To provide innovative intervention work with offenders and their families to break the cycle of crime.

“We are looking forward in 2017 to reinvigorating the charity’s brand and helping more people to understand how Infobuzz can support them. Keep an eye on this space to hear more about our exciting developments.”