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Welcome a new Counsellor to the IB Team

Posted by Anne Young on 17 November 2017

Infobuzz are pleased to welcome a new counsellor, Richard Hayden to the staff team here at Infobuzz. Here Richard tells us a little bit about himself and his approach to therapy.

“I am a fully qualified, BACP registered counsellor and creative arts therapist; I work with both talking and creative therapies.

“Sometimes, it can be hard to find the right words to communicate how we are, or what we are feeling, or to describe a difficult part of our journey. We can often feel drawn to a song, picture, story, or another art form that says it better than we can. I therefore see creativity as a very individual, natural human state of expression. I believe that by engaging with creative process in therapy, we can begin to express our feelings and experiences in a way they can be better understood.

“My approach to therapy itself is creative; I prefer to work ‘in the moment’ and with what the client brings to the session. I am easy to talk to and people describe me as open minded, non-judgmental, compassionate and curious.  I have experience of supporting clients through a wide range of issues and welcome people from all backgrounds and walks of life.”