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Secondary School Services

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Infobuzz provides a range of sessions designed to support the personal, social and health education of young people in schools and colleges etc.

Infobuzz are able to utilise our diverse skill base to create a dynamic provision that sensitively addresses some of the difficult issues faced by adolescence today. Our sessions have received excellent feedback from both students and teachers who have been struggling to address these challenging topics.

Our group based work also provides an opportunity to identify individual ‘at risk’ young people and introduce them to the rest of our services.

Please find below a table of suggested sessions. These can be combined to create a series of workshops delivered over a longer period or can be delivered as standalone sessions. Please contact Infobuzz to discuss your requirements and we can create a bespoke package to suit your students.

Alcohol Awareness

Raising awareness of the legal, social, health and moral issues around the use of alcohol. Explores the historical and social aspects of alcohol use and the legal and harmful aspects of this powerful drug. The session addresses the impact of alcohol on decision-making and the issue of sexual consent.

Online Safety

Support young people to explore the increasing number of social media applications both on-line and across mobile networks that present high risk behaviours. These would include the sharing of sexual images, sexually explicit texts, personal information and the misunderstandings that are associated with their broadcast, storage and legal status.


Young people define bullying behaviours, identify causes and consider solutions. Young people will identify positive behaviours and develop counter-bullying strategies. These sessions can accommodate references to specific school bullying policies.


Raising the awareness of the legal, social and moral issues around drugs. Explore medical, street, societal, legal and illegal drug issues and the relationships society and individuals have with drugs.

Equality & Diversity

Raising the awareness of prejudice and stereotyping. The session will explore how attitudes, beliefs and behaviours are formed as we grow up. Sessions can focus on one specific area if schools require.


Learners will step back from their daily lives and look objectively at their personal and social development in the move from child to adult. Students will consider their own feelings and attitudes and those of their parents and carers.

Managing Anger

Grasp what anger looks like, its causes, effects and how it might be controlled. Learners identify what makes them angry and the behaviours this can lead to. The session explores several strategies for use in the control of anger and the way individuals may help to elevate or alleviate anger in others.

Relationships & Consent

Raising awareness of the legal and moral issues involved in consent and specifically to sexual consent. The session will empower young people to take responsibility for their behaviours and the behaviour of others.


Raising awareness of the growing number of instances of self-harm amongst teenagers. The session will take a candid look at harming behaviours, consider causes and strategies for avoiding harmful choices.

Sex and Relationships

Exploring sexual attitudes and behaviours. The sessions ask young people what they know, what they need to know and provides answers. Sessions use frank terminology discussing physical, emotional, challenging and exciting elements of the sexual being. We further discuss appropriateness, consent, legal issues and healthy attitudes.

Sex and Substances

Straight-talking sessions about consent, sexual behaviour and the impact substances have on decision making. The session supports young people in making the right decisions for their own and others personal safety. The session draws on young people’s experiences and develops discussion about appropriate attitudes, the law, safe behaviour and risk limitation.

Sex, Self and Society

This session pulls no punches in addressing attitudes to sexism, pornography, the objectification of women and men and the traditional gender roles. The session responsibly covers areas of young people’s expectations in regard to sex, harmful sexualised behaviours, sexting and sexual internet activity.


Raise awareness of young people’s relationship with stress. This may be as a victim of stress - or the perpetrator of stress. The module considers both external and self-induced stress and helps young people explore solutions to their circumstances.

Teenage Body Image

Exploring issues surrounding how we see ourselves, how others see us and the expectations we hold of self and others in respect of body image. The session discusses the images that surround us, the personification of 'perfection' and how that impacts upon our actions and beliefs. The session covers cosmetic surgery, bullying and harmful behaviours that may have their root in body image and self-esteem issues.

Teenage Pregnancy

Exploring the causes and implications of pregnancy at an early age. Considers why the UK has the highest teenage pregnancy rate and how individuals might plan for their own future in respect of life events. The session touches on consenting behaviour, best choices and safe sex.

Violence and Crime

This session provokes open discussion about the intrusion of violence and crime in our society. Linked closely to issues of bullying, anger and violence the session examines the cause and effect of violence and crime and how society manages these issues. The session considers issues of justice and purposeful protest and also explores the consequences of crime for the individual and for society.